Protect your belongings with

Renters Insurance for as little as $8 per month.

Your personal belongings are not protected without Renters Insurance.

It only takes 2 minutes!

What is included in Renters Insurance?

  • $5,000 - $95,000 in most states. Insurance for personal belongings; includes replacement cost & additional living expenses (optional deductibles)
  • Your belongings will be covered against theft, loss, and most forms of destruction. Even if it's in your car or with you on the go, you can make sure your things are secure
  • Additional coverage depending on location (earthquake, bed bugs, food spoilage) with new filings in select states
  • $100k Personal liability including bodily injury, pet liability, medical payments, and legal expenses (NO breed restrictions)
  • Covers damage due to fire, water (option in N.C.), smoke and explosion caused by the resident

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